Waiting for Superman

They gave me a contract, not a cape,

 Truth is I’m not that great.


There is no brilliance in my lesson plans or my Flair pens,

But an abundance of brilliance exists in the young women and men who sit before me.


The young women and men not striving to Make America Great Again,

But those that curiously question if it ever was and remind us that true greatness does not come from outside, but from within.


No one asked you to put on a cape.

They asked you teach.


No one asked you save them.

No one asked you to raise them.


They asked you to teach.

They asked you to reach.

To reach beyond what you thought was possible for yourself,

so that they may see what is possible for them and their future.


Our future.

Because according to my Savior’s word “. . . a little child shall lead them”


So, let us walk humbly with one another, our fellow sister and brother

And follow our students’ lead because they gave you a contract, not a cape.

Copyright ImagineLit 2015